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Queen Bey is a Nubian Queen

Hosiery company, Nubian Skin, is proud to reveal that they will be suppling Beyonce and her backup dancers with foundation for her Formation World Tour.


Owner of GCG CLOTHING Tells Her Company Story

So, you want to get into the business of fashion? Read this Q&A with Gizelle of GCG CLOTHING! GAL PAL: What made you want to start a fashion business? GIZELLE: I can honestly say that I am one of those people who have always known what they wanted to be when they grew up. For as long as I could remember, being apart of the fashion industry was always the goal I gave myself to accomplish. At a young age I was always being creative and exercising my fashion skills. Whether it was sketching dresses during a 4th grade history lecture or cutting up my old t-shirts to make clothing for my Barbie dolls. Though my creativity drove my love for fashion, I had always had an entrepreneurial spirit within me. For instance I recall in 3rd grade, I made homemade temporary tattoos and “sold” them for stickers and gel pens to my classmates. I fell in love with the interaction between me and my “customers” from something I created. From then on, I knew …