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Dude, Are You Serious?

The world may never know why some people choose to place their ignorance on the internet.  We here at Gal Pal Magazine wonder the same thing. At times, we’re amused; at times, we’re outraged. There are cases in which we feel both.

While sifting through YouTube poo online, we came across this video. We recommend that you fast-forward to 7:20 of the video below.

Oh yes he did, gals. There are two things wrong with this video. It’s both racist and sexist. When will the world evolve?

If we don’t tip servers or bartenders, according to this guy, we owe him our bodies. News flash, no, we don’t. In fact, the only one in this scenario who owes anyone anything is you, the server. It’s in your job description to provide friendly and attentive service to patrons.

While you have one thing correct (servers live off of tips) that does not mean that you are owed anything. It’s frustrating not to be tipped when you feel as if you’ve given good service. There are bad tippers in the world. There are non-tippers in the world.  It’s hard for the service worker.

I have a tip for this server. Attitudes like this do read to your customers. It shows in how you treat them and how attentive you are to their table.  Fix your attitude, and perhaps you’ll be tipped and get whatever else you’re looking for.

Who do you gals want to call out on the internet? Visit our contact page and drop us a line. Feel free to tweet us (@GalPalMag) with the hashtag #AreYouSerious.

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This girl’s sharp, quick wit may not be for the faint of heart, but those close to her say that she’s caring and hilariously funny. Reality TV, a not -so-small sweet tooth, nail polish, and fashion are but a few of her guilty pleasures. Her obsession with writing and hobby of interviewing brought her to conducting a few interviews with fashion designers and makeup artists for her fashion blog, Hey There, Stylish! Curiosity for different lifestyles and experiences lead to more interviews and ultimately became Gal Pal Magazine. Like many college girls, Lauren is a media strategies major who spends her days going to class; most of her late nights are reserved for studying and her night job.

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