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What Not To Do When You Exfoliate

Hey There, Stylish! Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of beauty posts. Today, I decided to do this one because I exfoliated earlier this morning. According to Sue Perez, friend of the blog, a lot of us may exfoliating wrong, and out skin will pay dearly for it. When you exfoliate, you never want to: 

Go Backwards
Start with a small amount and, beginning with your forehead, apply your scrub or facial polish in a circular motion. You want to go from your forehead, to your temples, to your nose, down to your chin area, and then finish on your neck area. Never drag the dead skin backwards. 
Over Exfoliate
I exfoliate no more than twice a week. According to Sue, every third say is safe to exfoliate your skin. 
Use Scalding Water
Really hot water is very drying. Use luke-warm and / or cool water to keep moisture in your skin. Something I found really helpful is to moisten the skin with warm water before applying my exfoliate, and rinsing it off with cold water. My skin feels soft and moisturized when I do this. 
Skip Moisturizing 
When water evaporates, it pulls moisture from the skin. To get the best moisture after you exfoliate, gently pat-dry your skin (which will leave it feeling slightly moist or damp), and follow with your moisturizer (sealing in moisture). 
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