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How To Contribute To Your Favorite Magazine

This is an updated post. We have a few new rules, but we are still very welcoming to fresh voices.

Contact Us

Se our ‘Contribute‘ page, and use the form provided to pitch your story to us. If we love it, we’ll be sure to let you know ASAP. In your message, include a little bit about yourself, the type of editorial it is, and how you plan to conduct your research (if any).

Be Yourself

We accept essays, interviews, video editorials, book reviews, and much more. We’re looking for a voice that’s conversational and informative with a heaping dose of YOU. Gal Pal Magazine and our readers want to connect with you as a person.

Tell Us Something Great

We want original. We want little-known. We want juicy. If your article is all of those things, please feel free to send it to us. Can you spot a trend from two seasons away? Gal Pal Magazine is definitely looking to talk to you.


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This girl’s sharp, quick wit may not be for the faint of heart, but those close to her say that she’s caring and hilariously funny. Reality TV, a not -so-small sweet tooth, nail polish, and fashion are but a few of her guilty pleasures. Her obsession with writing and hobby of interviewing brought her to conducting a few interviews with fashion designers and makeup artists for her fashion blog, Hey There, Stylish! Curiosity for different lifestyles and experiences lead to more interviews and ultimately became Gal Pal Magazine. Like many college girls, Lauren is a media strategies major who spends her days going to class; most of her late nights are reserved for studying and her night job.

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