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How To Create Your Perfect Hair Sprtiz

I talk a lot about my tea tree oil spritz on this blog. In your regimen, a spritz can be as simple as water for moisture, or you can add something to take care of some other hair problems. Hopefully this is a good starting point for my fellow Newbies! 

For Itchiness

You want to add an essential oil that’s an antiseptic. Usually, essential oils that come from herbs are best for anti-itch. Do use these oils in a diluted form; a few drops will do the trick. Regular application of antiseptic oil spritz will keep the scalp clean and moisturized. It will also keep bacterial and fungal infections at bay. Good essential oils for an itchy scalp are: 

For Dryness

There are many oils for dryness. Typically, carrier oils (vegetable or plant based with minimal smell) are great for dryness. They’re often used on moisturizers for their emollient properties. They’re great for diluting essential oils. Popular ones are: 

To Stimulate Growth

I’ve never really used an oil or spritz to grow my hair specifically. A common denominator in hair growth oils are vitamins, protein and/ or amino acids. When researching oils, look for these benefits. Carrier oils have a tendency to control this bracket as well. Here are some oils that are said to aid in growing hair: 
With any of these spritzes, I would say that best results come from applying them to the scalp and giving it is a little massage. Spraying them directly onto the hair can also help it be healthier. We all not that oil and water don’t immediately mix, so shake well before each use. 
Did this post help? What spritzes do you have? 
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