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How To Battle Test Anxiety

 For some, test anxiety is a big problem.

No wonder, testing a a major part of life. In school, how does your teacher know whether or not you’ve learn material. She hands out a test. In high school, how does the state set the standard for what every student should know? Standardized TESTing. You get the picture. Before freaking out, and working yourself up with the worst-case scenario, remember these tips and you’ll be fine.

Be prepared.

An obvious one, yes. At the risk of being repetitive, and sounding like one of your “dumb professors,” unprepared students are more likely to fail any exam. Begin your studying early, and review materials long before you get little monster. Speaking of which, lets carry on to the next point.

Don’t demonize it.

What is a test? A sheet of paper with ink on it. Yeah, the ink happens to be questions. Yeah, the questions have an expected answer. Just stop right there. It’s just a bunch of questions, and if you’re prepared, you’ll do great. You studied, right? You’ve reviewed right? You went to class, right? If you answered was “Yes” to all of these questions, what’s the problem. It’s just a bunch of questions that you’re prepared to answer.

Don’t  make it your life.

“If I fail this test, I’m not going to pass this class. That will make it impossible for me to graduate. I will never get my dream career. This is make or break for me.” Do you think like this? Stop it. You’re doing nothing but borrowing stress, and running the risk of making your thoughts a self-fulfilling prophesy. You can do anything you put your mind to. Well, why put your mind to negative things? This test is not the rest of your life, it’s not even the entire class.

Think of it as any other assignment.

Going back to a previous point, it’s just paper with a bunch of questions. How is that different from a worksheet, homework questions or any other assignment you’ve had? Many times, test questions come from questions you’ve already seen (worksheets and past homework).  If you got them right then, you can get them right a second time. If you got them wrong before, learn form your mistakes. Ask if you can get past homework assignments and quizzes back during office hours. You may the be able to see where you went wrong and be even better prepared when you see these types of questions again.

Change the psychology.

Mark out the word “test” and replace it with “worksheet.” on every page, you’re seeing “Chapter 3 worksheet.” Chances are, many of the questions will be repeated from chapter 3 class discussions, worksheets and homework assignments. Hey, it is just another chapter three worksheet; it says so at the top, and a lot of the questions are the same. It’s a worksheet.

Get a pedicure.

Why not? You have a test tomorrow; you deserve to relax. The night before the test, don’t do hard-core studying, just do some light reviewing and then go out for a nice, relaxing pedicure.  In fact, do anything that relaxes you and will take your mind off of the test and other stress.

Don’t sit in the classroom.

It’s the day of the test. Arrive early, and sit somewhere that’s not around the classroom until a few minutes before the test starts. When you sit in the room, what’s going on? People are pulling out the PowerPoint slides from the lectures. Chatter of “how long did you study” and “what do you think will be on there” is going around. Other students are quizzing each other. That will just make you more nervous. Get away from it. Leave the room, walk around, and come back a few minutes before the test and just take a deep breath.

Did you find these tips helpful? Have anymore? Comment below.

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