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Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Beauty

Gal Pal’s conversation with Sue Perez revealed the one universal thing about makeup.

The only thing universal about makeup, or beauty in general, is that it’s not. What’s right for one person may be a nightmare on another. This is because of different skin types as well as environment.  Sue Perez, makeup artists and licensed Esthetician, gladly set us all straight about some very common misconceptions.

Myth: You don’t need makeup when you’re young.

Fact: “That’s the time to do it,” Sue says. This is not an excuse to cake on the makeup. Natural beauty is radiantly beautiful. “You don’t have to wear a liquid base,” she continues “You may just be able to get away with a mineral powder.” Sue says that mineral powders are great for skin because they won’t clog your pores and act as a barrier. That’s an interesting way to look at it. Think about it, many foundations, BB creams, CC creams (any type of base) have  a built in SPF. Sue says to simply look at you makeup as a barrier to your environment (harsh winters, cigarette smoke, dry climates).

Myth: Oily Skin is overly hydrated. 

Fact: Dehydrated skin just means that there is a loss of moisture. Before you face-palm and shout “Duh” at the screen, Sue says that “You can have oily skin and still be dehydrated.” What this means is that “you have more oil, but you still need water.” An answer to this is to drink more fluids (not to be confused with liquid). Beverages (liquids) that are high in sugar or are caffeinated are inherently drying to your body as well as your skin. If you’re feeling more dry, Sue recommends to “exfoliate a little more.”

Myth: Exfoliating your face is enough.

Fact: When you exfoliate, your face is only the beginning. When it’s summer time, we’re wearing cute tank tops, and v-necks. As women age, you may begin to notice the effects of sun damage (such as freckling) on the neck and chest areas. When exfoliating “take it down to the throat and finish on the decollete.” That’s just a fancy (really pretty-sounding) word for the chest area. This will remove dead skin, dirt and oils from those areas.

Myth: Exfoliating washes are great because they do two things at once.

Fact: Exfoliating should not be a daily thing because you can over exfoliate, which can be irritating or even damaging to the skin. “In your twenties, you may want to exfoliate one a week,” according to sue “and as you get older you may want to increase. Safely, someone can exfoliate every third day if they want to.” Sue also says that exfoliates can be like meat tenderizer (ooh).  If you’re exfoliating everyday, namely with physical exfoliates (facial scrubs) you can break capillaries in the skin, according to Sue.

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