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5 Rules To A Successful One Night Stand Pt. 2

So, he bit the apple of temptation.  Now what?

Well, whatever you want.  You got his attention (see part one) and now you have him by the hormones. What should you do after you seal the deal?

Don’t expect a sleep-over

Even if you’re not strangers to each other, spending the rest of the night snuggling is probably not on his agenda, and shouldn’t be on yours either. It’s too intimate. People who seek one-night-stands are looking for instant gratification.  Meaning, in the instant the both of you are satisfied, your time together has run its course. This will lead me straight into my next point.

Have your own way home

Whether this requires meeting at a hotel later on, or someone following the other person to their place, don’t depend on him for a ride. Firstly, this will prevent the dreaded “walk of shame.” You’ll have plenty of time to get yourself together and just leave when everything is all said and done. Secondly, it could be a little bit awkward to then ask him for a favor.

Let Him Text You First

After you’ve gone your separate ways, don’t get your hopes up. Move on with your life, and let that night be a gorgeous memory. Texting him first (even for sex) can make you appear desperate. That’s not the image you want.

Don’t One-Night a Guy That You Would Like

Of course being physically attracted to a guy that you plan to sleep with is a must. This attraction shouldn’t be on a level deeper than the sweat on his abs.  Relationships don’t often bloom from one-hit wonders; so, it’s important that you just don’t allow yourself to think that far ahead. It’s best to find a great-looking guy that you would never really dream of being serious about.

Don’t Introduce Him 

Introducing him to people that are close to you can make some sort of attachment happen. If you do begin seeing each other regularly, after your one night, don’t make him a major part of your life. That’s why meeting the best friend and meeting the parents are considered major milestones in relationships. You’re claiming this person as “yours” and now the most important people in your life are making that assumption as well. It’s best not to bring him around your closest friends or family.

Have fun in your life. Be sure to comment below.

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