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5 Types of Texters That Should Be Banned

Okay guys (and girls), you may want to listen up for this one.  Everyone loves to text; it’s a wonderful invention (if used correctly). We’re more than happy to see a text message lighting up our phone screens. It makes us feel connected and well-liked, but seriously, don’t text if you fall into any of these 5 categories.

The Forever and a Day Texter

This is the guy that takes forever and a day to text back. A conversation is started, and your waiting anywhere from ten minutes to hours for this guy to text back. Not cool. If you’re busy, make that known, so that we’re not waiting for your next response. Better yet, wait until you have a little time on your hands to strike up a conversation.

The String Texter

If you’re unaware that a sentence is meant to express a complete thought (elementary, Watson) you probably shouldn’t have a cell phone. Do not text three text messages that all have parts of one sentence. It’s incredibly annoying.

The Booty Call Hour Texter

This texter is aggravating for two reasons. Reason number one: Do you have any idea what time it is? Reason number two: how stupid do you think the girl is. Yes, she knows about the  DFT time line without you having to put those letters next to each other. After eleven p.m. only close friends in trouble, boyfriends (or like creatures), family members, or emergency situations have business shooting a text. If you’re texting your friend in a relationship after eleven, it’s officially inappropriate.

The Pointless Texter

Some shy people can fall into this category because they don’t quite know how to casually extend an invitation. For shy people, it’s simple: have others accompany you and your crush on this outing, and arrange for them to leave early somehow. For others, texting me about your day is completely fine if something noteworthy has  happened. Telling me “I’m going to the game later on tonight,” is not an invitation. It’s a statement. Making small talk without building up to something relevant is also a no-no.

The  I See You Again Texter

This will sound really sweet on paper, and if done correctly it can be. If after a date, you would like to see someone again next week, great. By all means, shoot them a text the next day saying that you enjoyed their company and make plans for next week. That’s sweet, productive, and has a purpose.  If you’re texting them to come out with you right after they were just out with you, it’s too much. Now, it’s smothering, and kinda creepy.  Maybe she doesn’t feel well. Maybe he’s tired. Maybe they have something to do. They could even just want to be at home. All in all, they’ve gone home (without you) to get away from you for now.

What kind of texters drive you absolutely nuts. Leave a comment below.

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This girl’s sharp, quick wit may not be for the faint of heart, but those close to her say that she’s caring and hilariously funny. Reality TV, a not -so-small sweet tooth, nail polish, and fashion are but a few of her guilty pleasures. Her obsession with writing and hobby of interviewing brought her to conducting a few interviews with fashion designers and makeup artists for her fashion blog, Hey There, Stylish! Curiosity for different lifestyles and experiences lead to more interviews and ultimately became Gal Pal Magazine. Like many college girls, Lauren is a media strategies major who spends her days going to class; most of her late nights are reserved for studying and her night job.

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