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5 Lessons To Learn From a Bad Girl


The biggest goal for the March Issue of Gal Pal Magazine was to be our biggest and baddest issue yet! Not a big enough clue? Well, I guess I’ll go ahead and spill the beans.

Photo Courtesy: NBC Universal / Oxygen Media
Gal Pal Magazine interviewed two members of the Bad Girls Club Chicago cast (Britt and Jada)! I was excited to do this interview for two reasons: I love the show and I really wanted to know who these girls were behind the “alpha” party-girl demeanor. After talking with them, I found that they have learned some really important life lessons that anyone can benefit from.

There are times when you have to tolerate people you don’t like.

It’s a really annoying feeling when you have to share a space with someone who isn’t on your favorite person’s list. The workplace, group projects in school, and countless other situations may arise that make you have to deal with irritating people. Take a lesson from Britt; you just have to learn to ignore things that aren’t a big deal. You can’t always just leave the room or the situation.

Fighting isn’t always the answer.

Walking away, something that Jada says she learned, does nothing but make you a bigger person. Resorting to violence will do more harm than just to your pretty face. Employers frown upon employees that are involved in fights. It looks as if you start problems. Even if you feel that you didn’t “start it,” you can always handle things in a way that don’t involve getting physical.

Positive energy is more powerful than negative energy.

No one’s thoughts can affect you more than you’re own. A little optimism can go a long way. One of the worst things you can do is create a negative, self-fulfilling prophecy for yourself.  What others think will roll off of your shoulders if you are truly confident in your own abilities. Take that confidence and allow it to drive you to strive for better things.

Be true to yourself.

The biggest key to being happy is embracing yourself, flaws and all. No one is perfect, but you have the power to make any situation perfect for you. Part of that is knowing yourself, and making decisions that are good for you.

Follow your dreams.

Both Girls revealed some of their aspirations for after the show. Dreams are a good thing, and both Britt and Jada seem to be taking steps to making those dreams a reality. That is an act to follow. Being in college is one step, but take advantage of those internships. Network whenever possible.
For the full interview, see our March issue, but in the mean time, you can check out our promotional issue below.
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