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Honestly, Will Everything I Learn In College Apply To Life?

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The billion dollar grumblings of many-a-college-student: “Why am I even doing this if I’m never going to use it?” There’s also the “Will I really use this in my career?” The short answer to both of these is maybe, maybe not.

Will you use everything that you learn in college in your career? Probably not everything, but there is a method to the madness of curriculum. Core curriculum is usually what most college students deem as useless. College Algebra, in varying degrees, is applicable to most professions. Databases that companies use to keep track of things such as buying behaviors, Inventory, employee payroll etc. are all based on some formula or another (algebra kids). Meaning if you want to be somebody’s CEO, or even run a small business, Algebra is your frenemy.

Writing is another major part of life. If you want to work in media or have a science heavy career (Chemical engineering or any type of scientific research) you need to learn to how write well in order to communicate effectively. Working  a simple desk job can have lots of writing involved. I speak from experience. I had a marketing internship once, and during that internship, I sent e-mails and proposals to media contacts as well as my superiors. I had to write a report for a research project that I did explaining how and why I conducted the type of research I conducted. Core Curriculum courses such as technical writing, and possible advanced rhetoric are there to teach you the skills that you need to write effectively. Are they a drag? Yes, many times classes like these are the cure for insomnia.

I can promise you one thing. It does get better. Major-specific classes (usually in your junior and senior years) are the classes you should definitely get something out of. These classes apply directly to your major, and are often times a lot more enjoyable. There’s more work involved, and your college career will get a little harder, but here is where you’ll feel that it’s worth it.

Best of Luck. Do you think there are any “useless” courses in college?

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