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10 Reasons Why I Started Gal Pal Magazine

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What’s up, Gals! I’ve been getting questions from people I’ve met, and friends as to why I chose to start Gal Pal Magazine. My list of reasons is quite long (ain’t nobody got time for that) so, I decided to compile a list of my top ten because answers.

10. I’m a glutton for punishment. 
It seems that every time I get a break from college, be it summer, spring break, Christmas, or whatever, I feel that I have to much time on my hands. To fill that time, I have a tendency to start “projects” that later become commitments. That’s how my fashion blog, Hey There, Stylish! got started. These things often take on a life of their own, and they do become somewhat of a job that I commit to, even when a new semester comes rolling around.

9. I’m just an entrepreneur at heart, I guess.
Did I start my fashion blog, and Gal Pal for the simple purpose of making money? No, of course not. I did however realize that capitalizing on my new-found passions was do-able. Inwardly, I shrugged and said “Why not?”

8. Easily-Intrigued should be stamped on my forehead.
You can learn something from anyone and everyone you talk to. Alternative lifestyles, cool hobbies, whatever I don’t do, or never thought of doing, that someone else does is interesting to me. By talking to people who have different interests, I believe that I can get a whole new perspective on life.

7. I love to write.
Writing is a major passion for me, and always has been. It’s such an amazing outlet, and the funnest busy work a girl can find (there goes my quirk again). I love fashion, but sometimes I like to write about other stuff. I even have a published novel under a pen name.

6. I got an inspiring tweet from a really nice lady.
Subscribe to see my interview with her. 😉 Seriously, she said that she loved both of my blogs (ah, the beginning of Gal Pal Mag) and that they could put Cosmo out of business. I was glowing for the rest of the day. It made me feel good, and then I thought…hmm, well, maybe so. I’m a fan of Cosmopolitan, but even though the marketing demographic says 18-35, I feel like the 18-24 girl is skipped a little bit. Cosmo talks to the lady that has established herself already. Many of us between 18 and 24 are probably in college, and are therefore not quite there yet. So, I wanted a magazine for us.

5. I like talking to different people. 
Keep number 8 in mind. An age-old saying is “If you don’t know, you had better ask somebody.” That statement is as true as it can be. When I started my beauty and style blog, I didn’t know too much about makeup because I don’t wear it much. So, I reached out to a few makeup artists and they were happy to give me and my readers some pointers. Thus, my love for interviewing was born.

4. I like the editor-in-chief title.
It sounds official, and gets me a lot more interesting interviews than “Hi, I’m a beauty and style blogger.”

3. I’ve always wanted to write for a magazine.
It’s true. I’m a public relations and media strategies major (double major). Combine that with my love for writing and interviewing, and that pretty much spells out my dream job. To write for a big magazine, you have to have written for another big magazine. Talk about the run-around.

2. It’s kinda cool to have my own magazine. 

1. I believe Gal Pal Magazine can open lots of doors for me and others.
I’m just starting out, but this can be an interesting ride!

By Lauren
Editor-in-Chief, Gal Pal Magazine

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This girl’s sharp, quick wit may not be for the faint of heart, but those close to her say that she’s caring and hilariously funny. Reality TV, a not -so-small sweet tooth, nail polish, and fashion are but a few of her guilty pleasures. Her obsession with writing and hobby of interviewing brought her to conducting a few interviews with fashion designers and makeup artists for her fashion blog, Hey There, Stylish! Curiosity for different lifestyles and experiences lead to more interviews and ultimately became Gal Pal Magazine. Like many college girls, Lauren is a media strategies major who spends her days going to class; most of her late nights are reserved for studying and her night job.

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