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Lucky Girl: How I survived The Sex Industry Book Review

SynopsisFor moralists, let’s visit the chicken and the egg scenario. Which came first the prostitute or the client? If there were no clients then obviously there would be no sex workers. But what if there weren’t any prostitutes? Would guys wank themselves silly to porn? Harass their post-menopausal wives? Frequent bars trying their luck? Or hassle the secretary and risk being charged with sexual harassment? Would statistics for rape be on the increase? Is prostitution a necessary evil in our society? Don’t mindlessly believe and quote information spoon fed to you by friends, family or the media. Make an educated decision.

Although it was never my intention to get into this industry, I’ve traveled the world, had incredible experiences and bought several properties. I won’t have to rely on the government pension when I retire.

When I started out I could never have imagined what my life journey would look like or where I would be now. I don’t even know where in the world I will be in twelve months. What I will be doing? Who I might be bonking, caning or smearing with hot wax? Exciting isn’t it? Carpe diem – seize the day. I’m a lucky girl.


Scary, Funny, Bizarre stories is definitely an accurate description for some of the experiences described in this book. The author, Violet Ivy, did send me a copy for my reviewing purposes. I’m really glad she did. 

The story is a conversation with the reader. You almost feel like a “fly on the wall” of a call-girl’s escapades. That aspect of the novel is incredibly exciting. What makes this book different from pop culture’s picture of the sex industry is that it really isn’t tales of the damaged victim. Ivy is really one who takes control of her destiny and allows her circumstances to empower her, which is probably why she can smile and say “I’m a lucky girl. 

I can honestly say that I enjoyed the book. I would recommend this read to any woman with a really curious mind or is just plain nosy about the sex lives of others. It’s an interesting read that’s not for the close-minded. 

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