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5 Rules to a Successful One-Night Stand Pt. 1

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And he’s watching you with those eyes. And you’re grinding up against him with that body. And he’s holding you in his arms late, late at night. He wants to make you his (for tonight, anyway). Story of the club scene, right? What about that time when you actually thought that maybe, this guy could get it? We’ve all had that one. There was something different about him. He wasn’t like the other losers throwing corny pick-up lines your way desperately hoping you’ll say “yes.” When trying to score with this guy, just tuck these simple rules in your purse. Sure enough, you’ve snagged him.

Be aware of buying signs

He’s chatting you up, and he may have been bold enough to rub your arm or place a hand at the small of your back. If he’s touching you, he’s feeling you out (literally and figuratively). If you’re not into him, you’ll make sure, in one way or another, that he will be discouraged form touching you. He’s seeing if your into him be gauging your reaction to his touch. Give him the green light with a smile, or a touch of your own.

Constant eye contact (without seeming like a serial killer) is also a definite buying sign. Think about when you and your homegirl went to see Fast & Furious 6. That screen was lit up with tons of action and very delectable eye candy! You couldn’t keep you eyes off of all of these gorgeous men. Why? Because in the back of your mind, and maybe in some side-whispers to your friend, you would totally succumb to anything these tall handsome bad boys may ask. Same thing goes for the stranger at the bar. He’s staring at a gorgeous creature and he can’t keep his eyes off of her. He’s also letting you know that he’s interested. If the feeling in mutual return the eye contact and hold for a few seconds before looking away.

Be just a little elusive

A little mystic goes a long way. Think of some witty and slightly evasive ways to answer some of his more penetrating questions. Always say it with a smile. The fact that he “can’t quite figure you out” is a good thing. Firstly, It makes you look a lot more interesting. You’ll come off as mysterious and sharp (very sexy). Second, he doesn’t need to know too much about you, now does he?

Show Off

Be the baddest chick in the club! Take this hottie by the hand and show off your dancing skills, and do it with conviction. A little hip movement works wonders on the male mind and body. Be confident, and show him what you can do. Don’t know how to dance? Try some other “interesting” talent. Can you tie a cherry stem with your tongue? Did you figure out how to apply your lipstick with no hands? Pull out those bags of tricks, and he’ll think you’re full of surprises.

Get Cozy

Throw in a few lingering hugs. Peck him a time or two in the cheek. The classic arm rub will certainly be in order here. It’s near the end of the night, and both of you know where this is going. don’t be afraid to get just a little bit close.

Be Confident

Attitude is everything. If you’re not confident in yourself, this guy is going to pick up on it. All that’s going to do is make you feel more insecure. Just have fun with it. Once you can do that, all of the above points can fall into place seamlessly.

What do you think of these tips? Be sure to leave a comment.

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