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6 Signs of a Frenemy

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I wasn’t always been the greatest person at spotting fake friends either, especially before my high school years. Lots of people seem really good to us at first, but people can’t wear masks forever. Eventually, true colors will show. It’s up to you to recognize them and cut negative people out of your life. The Frenemy is the absolute worst type of friend you could possibly have. If you ask yourself any of these six questions, you should probably get rid of this leach of a friend.

6. Did she just insult me?

Frenemies are the queen bees of jokes that sting little (or a lot). If she knows that you’ve been trying to lose weight and she makes a joke about it and then laughs as if she’s joking. her humor is not harmless. Either one of two things are going through this girl’s head. Number one: she thinks your dumb enough to take her jab at your self esteem as a harmless joke among friends. Number two: she’s really so evil that her black little heart seeks delight in seeing that pained look on your face. Friends don’t do things to deliberately hurt one another. If you think that your friend is going out of her way to hurt you, she probably is.

5. Why do I only hear from her when she wants something?

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This is classic of any false friend. If you have a nicer car than she does, maybe you know more guys, maybe people like you more, this girl knows it. Your frenemy is an opportunist; there’s some type of benefit for her. She’s keeping you in her circle for a reason, and none of them have to do with your sparkling personality. Are you always picking her up? Does she only invite you so that you can invite your cute bro pals? If you are the only one always going out of your way, even when the reverse never happens, that’s a big red flag.

4. Does she even really like me?

No. If you have to question that fact, you should probably be thinking a little more toward the negative. If between the “funny” snide comments and her incessant need of favors from you, you are left wondering why this girl is even in your world, you don’t need her there.

3. Why do I have to hear about every nice thing she does for me?

Friends don’t keep score. Your friend will come through for you because they know that if they were in the same situation that they could count on you. Friends are reliable simply because they’re your friend and they care about you. A real friend won’t doesn’t ever make you feel like you’ll never live it down because you needed a favor or someone to talk to.

2. Why does she always have to touch him?

If your “friend” is always shamelessly flirting with your boyfriend, you should really cut her off at the knees. There is no reason in the world that you should go to the bathroom with visions of your friend trying to mount your man dancing in your head. If she does make a move, yes, your guy should put an immediate stop to it. If you guy is the shy or slow type, he may not notice subtle advances or just may be scared to bring it up to you.

1. Why would she tell that?

You tell something to a friend in confidence, and next thing you know, someone else (you haven’t told) is

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telling you about how sorry they are about it. Not good at all! Your confidence is important to your real friends. They wouldn’t dare repeat anything personal simply because they know how messed up that is, and they wouldn’t want to hurt you like that.

So, you have a frenemy. Now, steal her thunder!

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