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5 Types of Girlfriends

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We all have girlfriends, some better than others. The best way to keep yourself from getting hurt by these tricky little creatures is knowing exactly who is in your circle. Here’s a list of five types of friends most of us have. Learn who to keep close to your heart, and who to keep at arm’s distance.

1. The Frenemy

A classic friend-like creature that we all have or have had at some point of our lives. I do use the term “friend” ever so lightly. This is the girl that is your best friend while you’re around each other, but your keep hearing about drama (that’s she’s at the root of) as soon as your back is turned. She’s also the type to say kind unkind things: back-handed compliments, or “jokingly” insults you. Just about anything that a true friend shouldn’t do, this girl does it. They things she says and does may be very hurtful. Guess what, she knows it. even worse, she means it. If you’re going to hang out with this girl, keep her as a side contact. Don’t bother trying to be a close friend to her; it can only end badly for you.

Do I have a frenemy? Find out here!

2. The Jealous Friend

We’ve all been around that girl that just seems to be doing everything we’re doing (and I do mean everything). When you and your gal pals are sitting and talking, she always shares a story that is painfully similar to situations that you’ve shared. This cray-cray chick may also have some characteristics of a frenemy. Have a friend that’s always trying to one-up you? She fall under this category. All she wants is to knock you off your pedal stool. You’ve done absolutely nothing to be better than her, but secretly that’s precisely how she feels. Stay true to yourself, and don’t let her shadow steal your light.

3. The Part-time Pal

The frenemy with slightly less malice. You only hear from this chick when she wants or needs something. You’re better than that. If you feel used; if the only phone calls and text messages you get from this friend begin with “can I ask you a favor” you have a part-time pal. She may be very cool to hang out with. If you have to question her motives for being your friend or you always find yourself paying for “dates” with her, that is not a good sign. Never let her drain you dry.

4. The Hi/Bye Buddy

Maybe this friend moved away or picked up a really demanding job and you don’t see each other so much

anymore. She’s the girl that you just run into by chance every now and again and only have time for a quick “hello, goodbye” exchange. You may only hear from her now and then, but you still don’t feel used by her. Shoot her a random “remember when” text every once-in-a-blue-moon. It may bring a smile to her face. This is actually a good friend to keep around. You may not hear from her much, but it’s because you lives don’t permit it anymore. This friend is a keeper because she’s truly a friend. 

5. The Bestie

The girl that was there for every crazy shenanigan that you can remember getting yourself into. She was right by your side when you got into trouble. She was right on the floor laughing until she was red in the face after it happened. She’s never told your secrets. If you fought, you always found a way to talk it out without it turning into some type of blood bath. Hold onto this chick for dear life! Not everyone can find gal pals like these. If she’s there for you without keeping score and you’ve never felt that she would go out of her way to hurt you, you have a good one! 
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