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4 Of the Craziest Beauty Tricks

I’m sure we all have a little beauty secrets that we’ve gotten some stares for. Hey, there was a problem, and you came up with a solution that was just crazy enough to work, right? I have four, and boy are they a doozie! Disclaimer: every awkward moment that could happen here will definitely be one for the books.

#1 Lick your glass.

Behold! The tweet that started it all (talk about the things we do for beauty). Is it worth it to see that cutie who was staring at you from a cross the room all night stop in his tracks and look at you funny? My thoughts…nope! I tried this (don’t judge) and I found that this little trick doesn’t work. I applied a lipstick, licked a glass (well, plastic cup) and all four lip prints said that this myth is busted.

Just so you know, I’m coming back at a later date (8/2/3013) to say the trick is that you touch your tongue, as opposed to your lips to the glass. In essence, the myth is not busted. Just misinterpreted.

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#2 Make like a fish, and pucker up.

When applying a moisturizer to your face, you should also apply it to your neck. When rubbing your moisturizer into your neck, you’ll want to tilt your head back, drop your jaw and then pucker. Do this repeatedly until the moisturizer completely absorbed into your skin. You may look like a fish, but what this does is minimize wrinkles in your neck. This can be done in the privacy of your own bathroom and is totally worth it (100% awkward moment free).

#3 Stick Your Finger In your Mouth. 

This is another one that can go a little weird if someone sees you do it. After applying your lipstick, sick your finger in your mouth, but please don’t make yourself gag. Slowly pull your finger out., and prevent the awkward moment of having lipstick on your teeth. The perfectly-painted pout is sexy, that same hot coral on your teeth is not so much.

#4 Toe-jam Lemonade

Okay, that was gross. If you have yellowing of your nails (fingers or toes), a lemon is your friend. Rub the rime of the lemon on the yellowing nails and cuticles, wash them, and give them a buff and they’re good as new. You should also be using a base coat. Polish on naked nails in a no-no (especially if the color contains red dyes).  

Maybe they’re not all that crazy. What are some of your crazy beauty tips? Comment below or tweet (#HTStylish) at the top of the sidebar!

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