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Peplum and Stripes

What do I think of this outfit as a whole? Well, some people, myself included are a little scared about leggings that aren’t solid-colored. So, it’s a little daring for some. I also think it has a classic, sassy twist. The peplum (very fifties) and the sandal (very Sparta) have a time-bending yet chic flair.

Okay, so I saw these black and white stripped leggings (similar here) and just had to do so meting with them. They would really be a good choice for girls with long legs. The stripes really draw the eye up the length of your leg (results: legs that just keep on going). If there were a goddess of fashion, she would have lead me to this totally chic Racer Peplum Top. The peplum is a vintage trend that I would really hate to see go. It’s so elegant yet sassy at the same time.  TheRebel Sandal is a really nice choice fore summer. I like really like the beading on this sandal.  

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