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Walk on the Wild Side

Moving past chic little things, I’m really happy to say that Marc Battipaglia, Co-founder of Wild Soul, agreed to an interview. This company goes past fab accessories. They combine passion and style into one amazing venture, but don’t take my word for it.

GP: Did you always want to start a sunglasses or accessories line? How did you get into it?

Marc: Andres and I always have loved sunglasses. We have always felt a sense of comfort and security when wearing them and noticed that this feeling is shared with most people who wear sunglasses. We have always critiqued different sunglasses we have purchased, yet never found the perfect shades that feel amazing when sitting on the face and nose. We love starting initiatives and what better way to spread our visions then to create the perfect product that benefits others.
GP: What sparked the idea for the charitable side of Wild Soul?
Marc: We both were raised with positive morals and the “giving back” has been instilled in us by our parents. We see companies that are thirsty for profits and don’t give back at all. Profits are fine, because a company needs to operate, but with all the Causes in the world, companies should be creating their sales platform to incorporate some aspect of helping others in need. We see many companies teaming up with Charities and giving proceeds to them. However, we are the only company that allows the consumer to Choose where there money goes after the purchase. This allows the consumer to be interactive with the sale and have some say in where they’d like their money to go help.
GP: Did you ever have other ideas for how to make the company fashionable as well as charitable?
Black Rhinos
Black Rhinos by Wild Soul 
Marc: For now, we are going to go with the current platform that gives the consumer the choice of 9 charities. We will include a “seasonal charity” occasionally that will be different from the rest. This will allow new areas of charity to be noticed and allows for other charities to get involved in the Wild Soul movement.
GP: Is Wild Soul involved in any other philanthropic missions?
Marc: Not yet, we will be participating in some missions to other countries along with our current charities.
GP: How exactly does the donation work when the customer buys a product?
Marc: Once the customer has chosen which fabulous pair of sunglasses they desire, the next step is to choose their cause. Here, whatever Cause they choose, they are electing for us to donate $5 out of the purchase to the charity. Companies that usually donate proceeds to benefit others do not spend nearly as much as $5 in the act of giving.
GP: All of your shades are named after animals. Are you an animal lover, or is it just to appeal to the inner “wild side” in the customer’s style?
Marc: Firstly, animals are awesome. Their instincts are true and they are not swayed by opinions of others or fear of embarrassment. We did believe the animals would bring out the “wild side” in the customer’s style. Our customers have been loving choosing which animal they are. A person could be a different animal on any given day.
GP: I find it really cool that the designs are inspired by the animals that they’re named after. Does inspiration come from places traveled?
Marc: No, not places traveled. On the topic of travels, Andres is from Venezuela. The next line of sunglasses were designed in Argentina, so their flare will have hints of Latin American culture in them.
GP: What other products can we expect from Wild Soul?
Marc: Do not know yet…..but we are envisioning many. (Choose Your Sneakers, Choose Your Cause….Choose Your Makeup, Choose Your Cause…..etc.)
GP: Will they be inspired by animals that haven’t been featured already?
Marc: Maybe, do not know yet. We will follow our animal instincts when the time comes. However, we do know that as far as Sunglasses go, there will be more mystical animals showing up in the Wild Soul Movement.
GP: Other than wildlife, are your frames inspired by other things such as old movies, or past eras of fashion?
Marc: 1930-1940 Era.
GP: What is the main thing that the customer should take from buying with Wild Soul?
Marc: That A. the sunglasses are quality
              B. the sunglasses are reasonably priced
              C. $5 is a substantial amount for a company to donate
              D. Wild Soul has hopes for one day all products to have this platform.
We will not stop working hard and persevering until people recognize that there are more important things in the world than profits. Again, all companies need profits to maintain business operations, but there is plenty of money to go around for everyone. More importantly, we feel there is a need for the customer to Choose where their money goes because everyone has different motives and passions. We hope everyone realizes that Wild Soul is truly a customer-based company and want everyone to join the Wild Soul Tribe and it’s efforts to help change the world, and the consumer process.


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