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5 Beauty Products You Never Knew You Needed

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It’s just as important to prepare the skin before applying makeup as it is to keep it healthy when you take it off. This holds true even for the minimalist, the lovely lady that doesn’t like a lot of product on her face. Adding these five beauty must-haves to your arsenal will only enhance your skin.

Eyeshadow Base

Many of us will simply apply a foundation to our eyelids. A good, smudge-proof base holds your makeup in place and keeps its color true “far better than foundations or concealers,” according to Celebrity makeup artist, Carl Stanley. 


Summer is here and so is tanning. Cheat the scorching temps by using powders to make your skin tone look warmer, advises Suzanne Perez, New York City makeup artist.” A good example is warming up the face with a bronzer,” she advises. “A great bronzer, not too sparkly,” Stanley says “applied to [the] cheeks and eyes,” is great for an all-natural glam.  

Tinted Moisturizer

“Foundation protects the skin form the environment,” says Perez, but,  “If you need less coverage use a tinted moisturizer or concealer. One that has an SPF of 30, will do an amazing job of protecting your skin from sun damage. The light coverage is perfect for the girl that doesn’t want to use a lot of product. 

Face Mask

Exfoliating is important, and “face masks are a quick and easy way to immediately renew the skin,” says Perez. Ridding your face of dead skin cells instantly brightens complexion and makes the skin healthier. 


The thing that makes them unique, according to Perez is their greater-concentrated formulas. They’re meant to correct cosmetic blemishes in the skin. Finding a serum that formulated for your specific skin needs, whether it he hyper-pigmentation or sun damage, is another important component in your beauty regime. 
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