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Face It with Celeb Makeup Artist, Carl Stanley

GP: What are five products that every girl should have in her arsenal and why?
CarlEmbryolisse Lait Crème Concentre – a 3-in-1 cream that is a fabulous moisturizer for under make-up, which can be used as a cleanser, and also works brilliantly when applied thick as a moisturizing face mask.
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler – it’s the best on the market, and curling your eyelashes will open up your eye.
Garnier Roll-on Concealer – for under-eye circles, the texture is lightweight enough that it doesn’t emphasize lines or crow’s-feet, and the roller ball applicator is wonderfully soothing on puffy eyes. It will wake-up even the most tired-looking eyes. 
Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara – the brush is superb, and grips even the tiniest lashes.
Bobbi Brown Apricot Blusher – this fabulous shade instantly brightens your complexion, and works on all skin tones.

: Is it a mistake to apply a foundation to the eyelid before applying eye shadow?
Carl: I always use NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base – apply directly onto the eyelid, then apply eyeshadow directly onto this base. It holds [the] eyeshadow in place far better than foundations or concealers, and even when I am working in temperatures of 80+ degrees, the color stays true and free of any creasing all day.
GP: Sometimes ladies don’t want to wear a full face of makeup, so what do you recommend for a natural glam look?
Carl: A great bronzer, not too sparkly, applied to cheeks and eyes; two or three coats of mascara; and a slick of Estee Lauder Bare Glow Lip gloss on lips and a tiny dab on brow bones, just below the arch of your eyebrow, as a highlighter. Instant ‘Charlie’s Angels’ style glamour!
GP: I’ve noticed that colored eye liners are gaining in popularity; what would you say are the hottest colors to use this season?
Carl: Bright-bright greens and turquoises are very big right now, and suit all eye colours. For those looking for something really fashion-forward, try canary yellow – it’s not as scary as it sounds!
GP: What would you say is the “secret” to the perfect winged eyeliner?
Carl: I always use a gel eyeliner; it doesn’t set instantly so you have time to get it right! Starting at the inner eye, paint across the lid while very gently pulling the eyelid taut with the index finger of your opposite hand, then, reloading the brush, paint a line from the outer corner of the eye about 5-10mm depending on how dramatic an effect you’re after, then extend the liner from where it stops on your outer eyelid to meet the end-point of that line to form a triangle, filling in any space if necessary. Maybelline Gel Liner comes with a great brush.
GP: How can we get longer, fuller-looking lashes?
Carl: Eyelash growth products really do work! I’m Molly Ringwald’s make-up artist whenever she’s in England, and the second time I worked with her, after she had been using Revitalash for a few months, her lashes were 100% thicker and noticeably longer. I’d been rather cynical about such products beforehand until I saw the results Molly had experienced. Far better to invest in a treatment product like this than thickening mascaras which can make lashes look too clumpy.
GP: It’s winter, and obviously, that can cause the skin to be very dry. What should ladies be doing to fill fine lines in their lipstick?
Carl: I recommend applying Lanolips lip ointment before lipstick. It has a very rich texture – a little goes a long way, so a tube should last you for at least six months. With prolonged use, your lips will become smoother, and the smoother your lips are, the better your lipstick will look, as well as staying in place longer.
GP: When choosing a lip liner, should it be an identical color to the lipstick or can it be used to create contrast?
Carl: I always outline the lips in a colour as close to their natural tone [as possible]; my favourite is Shiseido Smoothing Lip Pencil. You can use this to rectify any unevenness in your lip shape, or to create a fuller lipline. This is a perfect base for any colour lipstick (which you should apply with a brush, over and right up to the edge of your penciled lipline) and it also acts as a magnet to prolong your lipstick.
GP: Are there certain lip colors that make the lips appear fuller? What tricks can women use to plump thinner lips?
Carl: Shades like blush pinks or vibrant corals are great for making lips look fuller, but NEVER go for matte or pearl textures as these will create the impression that the lips are thinner than they really are. Look for gloss-stick lipsticks (Estee Lauder and Christian Dior do fabulous ones), as they have the convenience of a regular lipstick-in-a-tube, but all the comfort of a gloss but with better wear. To make thinner lips appear fuller, see the above point. Don’t think a darker lipline will create the impression of fuller lips; it will just look unnatural. And dark lipline with a pale pearly lipstick is ALWAYS a no-no…unless you want to look like a guest on Jerry Springer!!!!!

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