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Chic Talons

Nails by Tara
Finally, a beauty post, something many have been waiting for. If you’re a nail polish junkie (like me) this is the post for you. Launching pretty soon is an indie nail polish line. Naturally  I thought this was just the coolest thing  ever and absolutely had to talk to her. Tara, creator of TarasTalons happily agreed to talk with me (so excited)!   

Lizzie:So, you are a nail designer, how did you get started doing that? 

Nails by Tara 

Tara: I’ve always liked painting my nails but when I was about 12 my mum was doing
her nails for a family party. She wore some amazing false nails which were
blue with clouds all over them and from then on I was obsessed with finding
unusual nails. When I had exhausted all the available designs, I started
getting plain false nails and practising painting them. At first it was
simple designs like different coloured French manicures but then I started
getting more confident and finding more and more stuff I could do with my

nails and it just snowballed!

Lizzie: When did inspiration first strike you to design your own nail polish line?

Tara: At the end of 2012 I started looking into doing something with nails as a
career. I started practising more designs which I was looking into selling
and looking into airbrushing courses and one day while I was trying to think
of more designs I realised I had no untried polishes! I started looking into
making polishes straight away and saw there was lots of indie polish makers
and realised it was something I would like to learn more about. So I read
everything I could and then ordered some supplies, as soon as they came I
started practising and I absolutely LOVED doing it! I had so many ideas and
knew it was definitely what i wanted to do.

Lizzie: How many colors can we expect from TarasTalons?

Tara: My first collection will be ten colours and then (assuming it’s successful)
I will bring out more collections, each of ten colours. So the potential is

Lizzie: Is there an official launch date for the line at this time?

Tara: My online shop will be launched on the 1st of April 2013

Lizzie: Tell us more about your polishes; what makes them unique?

Tara: My collection theme (as far as I can gather from extensive googling and
asking other nail polish lovers) has never been done before! Also my
polishes are going to be polishes I would love to wear rather than polishes
easiest to make so there won’t be ten glitter bombs in the collection, there
will be lots of solid colours as well.

 If you’re sitting in a coffee shop, what would be the first thing to catch
your eye that would inspire a nail design?

Tara: The chair coverings would usually catch my eye because they are usually
different colours but they mesh together really well! but there is so much
inspiration in a coffee shop! The uniforms, the cups, the other customers,
the decor, the packagings, the logo! Everything and anything can inspire a
nail design.

Lizzie: For readers who also like designing their own nails, what trick would you
give them when it comes to creating looks with multiple components or
textures, like the “Urban Beauty” look?

Tara: I would say don’t be scared, if you think it, try it! that’s why nail polish
remover was invented 😉 Just make sure every coat of polish is completely
dry before you move on to the next. This was especially true with the ‘urban
beauty’ design I did as I used concrete polish and I really didn’t want any
of the texture getting mixed up with my regular polish. Also if you use
regular polish with textured polish make sure the regular polish is a really
good quality if it’s being applied over the texture so it smooths it away.

Lizzie: What tips would you offer as far as strengthening brittle nails?

Tara: Use a crystal nail file rather than emery boards, definitely use a treatment
base coat such as OPI nail envy under your polish and make sure that you buy
products suitable for your nail type, so everything from your nail polish
remover to your cuticle cream and hand & nail cream should be the right
product for you rather than just generic products.

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This girl’s sharp, quick wit may not be for the faint of heart, but those close to her say that she’s caring and hilariously funny. Reality TV, a not -so-small sweet tooth, nail polish, and fashion are but a few of her guilty pleasures. Her obsession with writing and hobby of interviewing brought her to conducting a few interviews with fashion designers and makeup artists for her fashion blog, Hey There, Stylish! Curiosity for different lifestyles and experiences lead to more interviews and ultimately became Gal Pal Magazine. Like many college girls, Lauren is a media strategies major who spends her days going to class; most of her late nights are reserved for studying and her night job.

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