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A Sexy Little Secret With Vienne Cheung

Gal Pal Magazine is more than excited to bring you this interview! We had the pleasure of speaking with founder and designer of elegant, chic line of thigh highs, Vienne Cheung.

GP: Okay, so how did your company start?


Vienne: VienneMilano started as I was unable to find elegant thigh highs that were not associated to Halloween costumes. In the past, I was only able to find poor quality thigh highs that were also very uncomfortable to wear. My vision was to bring luxurious thigh highs Made In Italy to women in the USA.

GP: When did you discover your passion?
Vienne: I discovered my passion for fashion and accessories when I was a kid. It has always been a childhood dream of mine to start [a] fashion business.

GP: Are the products on your website all original designs?
Vienne: Yes. As someone who grew up in New England, I understand that the weather in certain parts of the United States can get really cold. My thigh highs are uniquely designed to keep fashionable Americans warm. For example, OLIVIA is made in 150 denier, which makes it nice and thick for the winter. Our premier purple cashmere thigh highs (VIOLA) are also very special as they cannot be found in anywhere else in the world. On the other side of our range, we also have thigh highs that are made in 8 deniers embellished with a beautiful and comfortable band which are designed for women who want to look elegant and sophisticated for the occasion.

GP: What is it that you love about thigh highs?
Vienne: Well, when I wear thigh highs, I feel like I have on a sexy little secret, that no one else knows about (well, maybe except my boyfriend). Thigh highs are also more hygienic compared to traditional panty hose. I love to wear thigh highs underneath my pants in the winter time as they keep me nice and warm. In general though, I believe hosiery, particularly thigh highs, allows a woman to make a [fashion] statement for herself.

GP: What would you say is the perfect going out outfit to wear with thigh highs?
Vienne: I would say that the perfect going out outfit would be to wear sparkly thigh highs paired with a black dress and pumps.You also want to accessorize it with some nice jewelry. I also love to wear MAFALDA(our argyle patterned thigh highs) with a pencil skirt and a comfortable sweater top.

GP: Say, you wanted to do something daring…
Vienne: I would suggest wearing MIMI, our brown oval cut-out patterned thigh highs. I would wear that with brown sparkle shorts,a beige sweater and white booties. The glitter hose would also go well with a blue dress and silver pumps.

GP: This is a question that I’ve always wanted to ask. In your opinion, is it ever okay to show off your band?
Vienne: Good question. I would say about 98% percent of the time, you should not show the band. Thigh highs are for an elegant woman to wear to every occasion. The other 2% of the time is for your hot date and you want to strategically show the band for that special someone.

GP: If you could bring back any era of fashion, which one would it be?
Vienne: I would bring back the  prim and proper style of the 1960’s (think Mad Men).

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