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Best Style Tips For Guys With Aaron Marino

Who better to help you unleash your inner Alpha male than men’s fashion expert, and image consultant, Aaron Marino.

GP: What are some trending colors that we can see this winter?
Marino: Mostly dark colors. Black, greys are popular. They’re good because dark colors are very slimming.


GP: There seems to be a big debate about skinny jeans, and I know that you’re not the biggest fan of them. What are your thoughts?

Marino: [Laughs] Well, it depends are your body type. Some guys can wear them; they’re just not for me. Usually, you have to be very slender to really pull them off. There’s also the slim-fit jean.

GP: What’s the difference between the two?

Marino: The major difference it the fit. The Skinny jean with me a lot more tapered in the leg and the ankle.

GP: That’s something that will fit with the “Eric Northmen” look. If guys choose to wear a jacket this season, what styles are in?

Marino: The biker jackets are okay. The Military-inspired jackets are gaining popularity.

GP: Okay. Sense we’re on the topic of jeans, for any of these looks, would you recommend a light-wash or a darker-wash jean.

Marino: Either one could work. A darker-wash jean is a more formal look.

GP: Well, sense it will be winter fairly, soon, I’ve been seeing a lot of scarfs on guys. What is your advice on wearing them?

Marino: There are two types of scarves there are the lighter summer scarves, and (probably what you’ll be seeing more of soon) the heavier winter scarves. Scarves can be a great accessory with sweaters.

GP: Would you recommend a solid colored or a printed scarf?

Marino: That depends on the outfit. A printed scarf would go best a solid-colored top and vice-versa. It’s all about achieving balance.

GP: Another thing I’ve been seeing a lot of is the fedoras. What’s the best way to wear these?
Marino: Well, again [Laughs] there are guys that can wear a fedora and guys who can’t. I’d be careful with them, because they’re seen a lot in stores like Target. Once you see a fashion trend in your discount stores, they’ve pretty much come and gone.

Marino: Well, I hopefully I gave you something that you could use.
GP: Absolutely, you’ve been a big help.

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